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What is DatiSweet ?

A powerful liquid sweetener 100% from Dates, with a low Glycemix Index.

DatiSweet is a very good substitute for table sugar for anyone who wants to limit their sugar consumption.

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Nutritional values

DatiSweet's nutritional benefits lie in the simple composition of the product, which combines pleasure and health benefits in one simple recipe.




Over 10,000 years old, the date palm is one of the oldest trees in the world. Many countries have brought palm trees from Saudi Arabia (formerly known as the Arabian Peninsula) to other parts of the world after being impressed by their beauty and generosity.




Prophet Mohammed even encourages Muslims to break their fast at sunset during the month of Ramadan with dates and water. It is even said that if someone has dates at home, then he is not poor. Holding a date palm branch during holy feasts is a great symbol in Judaism. Those who welcomed Jesus Christ to Jerusalem also held date palm branches in their hands.

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