What is DatiSweet ?

It's a new powerful dates liquid sugar, with a low Glycemic Index.

DatiSweet is a very good substitute for table sugar for anyone who wants to limit their sugar consumption.


50g of DatiSweet

can replace 

100g of table sugar.

Is it good for me ?

The sugars contained in DatiSweet have extremely low glycemic levels, allowing to have a strong sweet taste without all the disadvantages of white sugar and the diseases that can result from it.

Moderation is key. The American Heart Association recommends 100 calories or less from sugar each day for women, and 150 calories or less from sugar each day for men.

How to use it ?

Because of its nutritional qualities, its high sweetening power, its light color and its neutral taste, it is used as a substitute for white sugar in all cold or hot preparations.

Easy to use in cake dough, it is particularly excellent for sweetening your tea, coffee, yogurts or white cheeses. In addition, you can also use it for cooking and baking.

DatiSweet benefits